US Congressman Mark Pocan
Former Governor Jim Doyle
City of Madison Mayor Paul Soglin
City of Fitchburg Mayor Steve Arnold
Dane County Executive Joe Parisi 
WI Senator Fred Risser
WI Senator Mark Miller
WI Representative Melissa Sargent
WI Representative Sondy Pope
WI Representative Rob Kahl
WI Representative La Tonya Johnson
Dane Co Sheriff Dave Mahoney
Milwaukee Co District Atty John Chisholm
Former Dane Co Sheriff Rick Raemisch
Former Senator Gary Goyke
Former Representative David Clarenbach
Former Mayor of Fitchburg Frances Huntley-Cooper
Former Dane Co Executive Rick Phelps
Dane Co Supervisor Sheila Stubbs
Dane Co Supervisor Sharon Corrigan
Dane Co Supervisor Carousel Bayrd
Dane Co Supervisor Chuck Erickson
Dane Co Supervisor John Hendricks
Dane Co Supervisor Tim Kiefer
Dane Co Supervisor Mary Kolar
Dane Co Supervisor Jeff Pertl
Dane Co Supervisor Bill Clausius
Milwaukee Co Supervisor Squanna Taylor
Madison Alder Maurice Cheeks
Madison Alder Samba Baldeh
Madison Alder Barbara McKinney
Madison Alder Zach Wood
Fitchburg Alder Jason Gonzalez
John Matthews, Former President of MTI
Billy Feitlinger, Former Exec Dir WI Alliance Retired Americans
Patti Seger, Executive Director of the Wisconsin Coalition Against Domestic Violence
Bobbi Jones
Nino Amato
Masood Akhtar
Mahlon Mitchell
Wayne Strong
Hussein Amach
Galen Strebe
Shannon Dolan
Mike & Pat Gallagher
Peter C. Williams
John Tradewell
Retired ADA Barbara Franks
Retired ADA Judy Munaker
Madison Teachers Inc (MTI)
AFSCME Council 32
SEIU Wisconsin State Council
Firefighters Local 311
International Union of Operating Engineers Local 139 
Building Trades Council SW WI 
Carpenters Union Local 314


3 with Mark Pocan

Pocan Endorses Ismael Ozanne for Dane County District Attorney Madison – Rep. Mark Pocan today endorsed Ismael Ozanne in his re-election bid for Dane County District Attorney. Since 2010, he has lead the Dane County District Attorney’s office and is the first African American District Attorney in Wisconsin’s history. “Ismael Ozanne’s innovative approach to reforming our criminal justice system while keeping our communities safer is a testament to his leadership,” said Rep. Mark Pocan. “His work ethic as a constitutional officer and his deep commitment to the people of Dane County are unmatched. I enthusiastically support Ish in his bid for re-election.”

Paul Soglin (2)

Mayor Soglin stated, “I am pleased to endorse Ismael Ozanne for re-election as Dane County District Attorney. As Mayor of the city of Madison, I work with Ismael Ozanne regularly on issues of social and restorative justice, to improve the lives of all citizens. Ismael Ozanne has been a committed partner in working toward this goal. Under Ismael Ozanne’s leadership, the District Attorney’s Office has created new and innovative programs, including the Community Restorative Justice Court, dedicated to creating a safer environment for all. He has dedicated his time and energy to working with all levels of government to make positive changes in our community. Ismael Ozanne is devoted to our community and the legal profession he serves.”

Gov & Jessica Doyle

Former Governor Jim Doyle said, “I support the re-election of Ismael Ozanne as Dane County District Attorney. As a former three-term Dane County District Attorney, I know how tough this job is. With a background of an in-the-trenches Assistant District Attorney, a person who helped run the state prison system and now more than 5 years as District Attorney, Ismael has the experience and judgment to be a strong leader. He has proven himself to be a tough, effective prosecutor who can also be a leader in reforming the system. I knew Ismael had these qualities when I appointed him and he has shown them over and over again as DA.”

Sherrif Dave and Ish

Dane County Sheriff David Mahoney: “I am pleased to endorse Ismael Ozanne for -re-election to the office of Dane County District Attorney.  As the Sheriff of Dane County, I work with Ismael Ozanne daily on matters of public safety.  Ismael has shown a tireless dedication to enforcing the law, working with law enforcement, crime victims, and the courts.  He is a steady and experienced prosecutor who will always stand up for what is right.”