From Brooklyn to Madison, a criminal justice alternative gets its legs with $600K boost 2022-10-13

Century-Old State Laws Could Determine Where Abortion Is Legal 2022-06-25

Dane County DA Ismael Ozanne says he will not prosecute abortion cases now that Roe v. Wade has been overturned, and voters can “elect someone else” if they want those cases to happen. 2022-06-24


He’s right, and Dane County should support his strong stand. 2020-07-29

None Dare Call It Terror 2020-07-29

Hands on Wisconsin: Protests at Ozanne’s house don’t make sense 2020-07-28

Dear protesters who have been outside my home 2020-07-27

Protesters tactics won’t win trust– John Niesen 2020-07-27

Hopefully as a community we can move forward and keep the focus real and meaningful change. 2020-07-27 

‘Sickening and hurtful’: Town hall on George Floyd death brings together black leaders, police chiefs 2020-5-29

Victim service providers are working from home and available to assist Dane County crime victims 2020-03-17

Coronavirus order suspends some Dane County court cases, mandates phone or video for others 2020-03-13

Dane County DA’s Office implements new hate crime policy 2020-01-21

Dane County Selected to Participate in New County Justice Peer Learning Network 2020-01-15

Thousands of victims of sexual assault face hurdles in system designed to bring justice 2020-01-03


New hate crime charging policy takes effect in Dane DA’s office 2019-12-31

DA Ozanne Announces New Focus on Hate Crimes 2019-12-31

New policy aims to curb rise in hate crimes 2019-12-30

Hate Crime Press Conference 2019-12-30

State, county leaders split on how to discipline false school threats 2019-12-30

Dane County District Attorney addresses reformative justice 2019-10-18

Ismael Ozanne announces re-election campaign for Dane County district attorney 2019-10-17

Dane County District Attorney announces reelection campaign, addresses reformative justice 2019-10-17

Dane Co. DA Ismael Ozanne running for another term 2019-10-17

Ish and 93.1 Jamz Madtown Mom Squad discuss spanking vs no spanking 2019-09-25

White flag overdose awareness ceremony brings hundreds to Olbrich Park to remember loved ones lost 2019-08-31

Video For the Record: Masood Akhtar and Ismael Ozanne on hatred and bigotry 2019-04-01

Sly interviews Ish about happening in Dane County, staffing, the Jail, Red Hook, institutional racism in Madison and other topics of interest. 2019-06-28

Dane County Board approves $148M in jail renovations after opponents shut down meeting 2019-06-07

Legislators look at criminalizing first-offense OWI 2019-04-04

For the Record: Masood Akhtar and Ismael Ozanne on hatred and bigotry 2019-03-31

Public defenders and prosecutors deserve a raise 2019-02-20

Dane County DA hopes state budget includes new prosecutor jobs 2019-02-18


Public Health Launches Violence Prevention 2018-11-30

Out of options: Dane County has a juvenile crime problem and few tools to solve it 2018-11-28

La Movida Interview 2018-11-14

FEATURED JUVENILE CRIME | FRUSTRATION BOILS OVER Madison police chief takes judges, juvenile ‘justice’ system to task in blog post 2018-10-17

Press Release 10-16-18 – District Attorney Response to Chief Koval’s Blo… (1)

The juvenile’s best interests and the safety of our community are linked.” 2018-10-17

Madison police chief, Dane County DA trade criticisms over juvenile justice system 2018-10-16

A Fresh Start: When Do Employers Have a Right to Know? 2018-09-11

Cycles of incarceration hit African Americans, children especially hard 2018-07-14

Defusing the violence: Peer support counselers bring credibility, calm in crises 2018-07-11

Brought together by a hate crime: ‘Serve 2 Unite’ delivers message at Mount Horeb High School 2018-05-23

Dane County Seeks Better Protection For Victims Of Abuse 2018-05-16

I joined Diane Feinstein in a 2-day emergency summit in D.C. with Legislatures, Law Enforcement and fellow District Attorney’s from across the nation to work to end gun violence and re-instate universal background checks. 2018-05-17

Positive discipline practices support happy families 2018-05-04

Children’s hospital starts ‘No Hit Zone’ program to prevent violence against children 2018-04-25

Domestic violence alarms to trigger police response in Dane County 2018-05-15

Court program aimed at giving troubled youth a second chance set to expand 2018-05-14

The Dane County DA Office has only received one additional Assistant District Attorney since 1985 2018-02-21

Growing county plus smaller jail means alternatives to lockup for law-breakers 2018-02-05


Investing in restorative justice Do Madisonians believe in second chances? Neil Heinen 2017-12-21

Moving Past Hate: Former White Supremacist and Oak Creek Temple Survivor speak at Monona Terrace 2017-12-09

The following is a video of the press conference yesterday. Members of Prosecutors Against Gun Violence, a nonpartisan alliance of local law enforcement officials, lobbied against the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act on Wednesday, Nov. 29, 2017, on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. 2017-11-29

This news story details the new proposed gun legislation that would allow concealed-carry permits to be used outside the issuing State. I am at the press conference representing the Prosecutors Against Gun Violence 2017-11-29

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (C), flanked by members of Congress and district attorneys from across the country, speaks during a press conference about her opposition to a bill the House Judiciary Committee is considering, on Capitol Hill 2017-11-29

Rank-and-file Republicans and Democrats in Congress have come together to back sensible gun control legislation in the wake of the mass shootings in Las Vegas and Sutherland Springs, Texas. 2017-12-05


District Attorney Ismael Ozanne leading No Hit Zone movement 2017-11-28 by slypodcasts

DA to stop prosecuting low-level crimes as staffing shortage persists. Only the most serious cases will receive the attention of the Dane County District Attorney’s Office as prosecutors grapple with ongoing staffing shortages. 2017-10-24

Press conference with Dane County DA Ismael Ozanne and Sheriff Mahoney on state funding for prosecutors 2017-10-24

Dane County DA calls prosecutor shortage ‘public safety crisis’ Calls on county, state lawmakers to fund positions 2017-10-24

WI State Journal Guest Column Demand Action on Guns 2017-10-24

WI State Journal editorial: DAs deserve a pay raise in state budget 2017-5-31

Hundreds gather to ‘learn, to hear about Islam’ at Middleton event 2017-5-21

Let’s (maybe not) make a deal DA seeks greater oversight over plea bargains by subordinates 2017-5-4

Click to view Lee Hawkins of the Wall Street Journal interviews Stacey Patton, the author of “Spare the Kids-why whupping children won’t save Black America” that includes a chapter on “The Parent to Prison Pipeline” and how Wisconsin’s First Black District Attorney (Ismael Ozanne) connected hitting children to criminal justice outcomes

Expanded restorative justice programs offer young offenders an escape from life behind bars 2017-01-17

As county expands restorative justice court, a MacArthur grant will help 2017-02-01

Dane County can be model for criminal justice reform Neil Heinen Posted: Jan 31, 2017

Restoring justice Q&A with Ismael Ozanne, Dane County district attorney


Hundreds Gather For Madison Event To Talk Islam, Denounce Extremist Groups 2016-01-25

Dane county work group study jail diversion programs 2016-02-01

Supreme Court allows John Doe prosecutors’ to file sealed documents in federal court 2016-02-06

United States Supreme Court grants John Chisholm delay to file application on Doe case 2016-02-18

Sun Prairie Public Library panel talks race, policing 2016-03-10

WORT Interview about what it is like to be DA and the No Hit Zone Program 2016-04-06

Ismael Ozanne is proud to be involved in this video addressing the increase of domestic violence in the African American community presented by the Black Leadership Council of Greater Madison and the office of Mayor Paul R Soglin STOP THE VIOLENCE 2016-04-26

As the Madison Police Department is dealing with an increase in gun violence in our community, African American leaders are coming together to say they’ve had enough violence. 2016-04-27

Prosecutors appeal John Doe decision to U.S. Supreme Court 2016-04-28

Wisconsin Democracy Campaign On John Doe, DAs Deserve Our Thanks! 2016-04-29

U.S. Supreme Court John Doe petition lays out legal questions in Scott Walker campaign finance coordination, judicial recusal 2016-04-29

Prosecutors lay out arguments for John Doe SCOTUS appeal 2016-04-30

Ismael Ozanne has referred McDonald’s case to the Community Restorative Court, a year-old pilot diversion program in south Madison that focuses on restitution and repair of harm. 2015-05-03

Will SCOTUS Confront the Results of Citizens United? A Wisconsin case now before the Supreme Court highlights just how much the justices got wrong. 2016-05-19

DA’s Response And Support Of The Need For Adequate Resources In The Criminal Justice System 2016-05-23

One of the many great programs in the Dane Co District Attorney’s Office 2016-05-26

U.S. Supreme Court allows secret debate in John Doe filing 2016-05-23

Dane County DA will face challenger from within his own office in re-election bid 2016-05-31

From Brooklyn to Badger Rd: New York “Restorative Justice” Experts Share Best Practices with Dane County 2016-06-06

Heinen: “Good stuff” going on in Madison now 2016-06-14

WORT interview Dane County DA Defends Record, Elected Seat 2016-06-20

CMD Urges U.S. Supreme Court to Hear Prosecutors’ Appeal in John Doe II Corruption Case 2016-06-23

Dane County D.A. Ismael Ozanne refers East Towne arrestee to restorative justice program 2016-06-24

Genele Laird won’t be charged; referred to alternative restorative justice program 2016-06-25

Michael Johnson: Let community healing begin 2016-06-27

Information session held about Dane County Community Restorative Court

Radio Interview with Sly 2016-06-20

Elizabeth Crawford: Restorative justice program excellent choice for Laird 2016-07-06

Dane County DA candidate takes boss to task 2016-07-11

Assistant DA says boss is not doing his job, DA disagrees 2016-07-11

Ozanne’s difficulties are Walker’s fault — Tim Kiefer 2016-07-16

Philosophies clash in rancorous Dane County district attorney race 2016-07-25

A heated battle for Dane County DA 2016-07-28

Local restorative justice program counts police, court officials as fans 2016-07-31

Dane County Community Court to offer restorative justice to more victims, young offenders 2016-07-31

Dane County DA Candidates Pitch Their Messages to Voters 2016-08-01

Judith Munaker: Ozanne deserves re-election as Dane County DA 2016-08-01

Race issues dominate first DA candidate forum 2016-08-02

WKOW TV coverage of debate 2016-08-02

Ismael Ozanne: DA’s Office has made important strides under my leadership 2016-08-03

Top Prosecutors In Milwaukee, Madison Fight To Keep Their Jobs 2016-08-03


3 Dane County nurses: Ismael Ozanne deserves re-election to continue working on solutions for our community 2016-08-04

Aug. 9 election: Cap Times endorsement 2016-08-04

Ozanne, Jambois face off in debate 2016-08-05

Ismael Ozanne is the best choice for Dane County DA Wisconsin State Journal endorsement 2016-08-06 

Incumbent Dane County DA Ismael Ozanne beats challenger Bob Jambois 2016-08-09

Ismael Ozanne re-elected as DA over prosecutor Bob Jambois 2016-08-09

Landslide Ozanne wallops Jambois in DA race 2016-08-10

Stoughton is sending a message to the country as they are the first city in the nation to go no hit

Dane County jail diversion report suggests expanding Community Restorative Court 2016-09-13

Capt Times Editorial “Expanding the Community Restorative Court received almost universal support as a top priority 2016-09-13

Matthew Rothschild: John Doe prosecutors deserve our thanks 2016-10-05

Children’s hospital becomes ‘no hit zone’ 2016-10-11

UW Health Doctor: Spanking, Physical Punishment Harmful To Children’s Brain Development 2016-10-11

Ismael Ozanne: Why I care about corporal punishment 2016-10-15

DA shortage a ‘public safety crisis’? 2016-10-16

Dr. Barbara Knox and Dane County DA Ismael Ozanne discuss the American Family Children’s Hospital’s “no hit zone” policy 2016-10-18

Broken promise: DA pay hikes haven’t materialized 2016-10-18


Ismael Ozanne made us think as much as listen State Journal editorial 2015-05-13

Ozanne’s courageous decision 2015-05-15


An unusual solution came out of Wisconsin when Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne launched a program to give “deferred prosecution agreements” to parents charged with child abuse if the parent was raised in a community—like Peterson’s—where corporal punishment is used to discipline. This was in response to the disproportionate percentage of minorities accused of child abuse in Dane County. #”Recognizing corporal punishment as a culturally acceptable form of discipline and attempt to influence change utilizing culturally sensitive interventions” is the goal of the program, Ozanne wrote. He has dealt with abuse cases where a parent took literally the biblical passages about physically punishing children, and his program is for parents who abused their children as a result of traditional corporal punishment, who have no criminal background and who show remorse.